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Where to buy cigars in Cuba? How to buy cigars in Cuba?


Puros Habanos, Alojamientos Cuba-casas

Since Cuba is the land of the best tobacco the world, should not be difficult to buy them but be careful when buying because there are several types, brands and models of cigars. 

In this page we will explain in a simple way where to buy and how to buy cigars in Cuba.

In general, there are two ways to buy cigars, in state shops and on the black market. The first variant, buy in state shops, have the advantage that the cigars are original and of the highest quality. It is sometimes the case that some people working in the cigar shop introduce boxes from the black market to make some extra money, but generally there have to be a real expert to differentiate between this cigars and the original ones.

If you buy more than two boxes the shop emits a certificate of purchase that will serve to export because the customs only allows the export of 50 cigars per person without certificate.

The disadvantage of buying at these shops is that they are expensive but in any case, prices will always be much lower than outside Cuba.

Here is a list of some of the best cigar shops:

  1. La Casa del Habano 520, between Dragones and Barcelona, Old Havana. Is located at Partagas Cigar Factory.
  2. Cigar Factory "La Corona" (code FR), #106 Agramonte betwwen Colon y Refugio, Old Havana. 
  3. Casa del Habano, 5th avenue and 16 Miramar, Havana.
  4. Cigar Shop El Corrojo at Melia Cohiba Hotel, Vedado, Havana.
  5. La Casa del Habano in front of Cuatros Palmas Hotel, Varadero.
  6. Cigar Shop at Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Vedado, Havana.
  7. Cigar Shop at Habana Libre Hotel, Vedado, Havana.

Tienda de habanos, Alojamientos Cuba-casas

The price of cigars in cigar shops has slight changes depending on the shop, the season and the existence of the cigars to be searched. Therefore, this is an approximate price list for various brands and types:

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes SBN 25 ($250)
Cohiba Esplendidos Var 25 ($490)
Hoyo des Dieux Cabinet 25 ($155)
Partagas Serie D N'4 SBN 25 ($190)
Punch Punch SBN 25 ($170)
Hoyo Doble Coronas ($154)
Punch Churchill ($143)
Hoyo Epicure Nº1 (SLB) ($109)
Cohiba Siglo III ($167)
R y J Exhibición Nº4 ($90)
Montecristo Especial Nº2 ($120)
Juan Lopez Selectos Nº2 ($118)

The second variant, to buy them in the black market. Many people in Cuba is dedicated to selling cigars to tourists. Even sometimes are placed in front of state cigar shops to tell you that you can buy them much more cheap than the cost in the shop. Not only you can find them in front of shops, illegal cigar vendors abound on almost any place where tourists gather. These characters are very persistent and almost always begin offering Cohiba brand cigars. It's best to say "NO" resounding as it is the only way they understand that you are not interested in buying cigars.

Therefore, if you want to buy cigars and shop's prices are very high, we recommend to consult the owner of the private accommodation where you are stopping, will find to you good cigars at affordable prices. It is best that the person who sells them is a person known or recommended by a friend.

These vendors always say they have a relative or friend who works at a cigar factory and they take it out of there. That is a big lie because cigar factories have very good security systems and is virtually impossible to draw cigar boxes clandestinely.

The mechanism used by these vendors is manufacture the boxes in small clandestine factories and buy the stamps and seals workers Habanos factories as these are easier to pass through the security systems being small items. Therefore, depending on the quality of clandestine factory, the quality of cigars you buy. There are clandestine factories that produce good quality cigars, as good as those produced in official cigar factories and exist clandestine factories that produce very bad cigars. Hence the importance of knowing the person who buy him the cigars because it is the only guarantee of the quality of the cigars you buy.

Puros Habanos, Alojamientos Cuba-casas

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