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The weather in Cuba

Las Terrazas, natural paradise in Pinar del Río

Cuba is an island located at a latitude very close to the Tropic of Cancer by which receives high values of solar radiation throughout the year resulting in a warm climate. It is oriented east-west and being a long narrow island, its entire territory is exposed to the refreshing trade winds and sea breezes

The Gentleman from Paris

The Gentleman from Paris, traditional character in Havana's streets

Rumor has it that the simple touch of Gentleman from Paris's beard and his hand ensures good luck and a happy return to Havana. His statue certainly prove the faith people has in this believe, as the bronze in his beard and hand gleams as just polished due to the friendly contact of countless visitors.

Car Rental in Cuba

Rent a Car in Cuba

Renting a car in Cuba is very simple. The options and services are similar to those of any other country. There are agencies that are dedicated to providing these services and they are very efficient. You can rent a car to travel freely driving across the country or traveling in taxis with drivers state.

Havana Cathedral, a must in Havana


The Cathedral of Havana is one of the most important religious buildings and the most visited in Cuba. In the square where it is located, the atmosphere is purely colonial like in the best of that period. The square daily sees the tourists mingle with the sellers of anything, the women dressed in the fashion of colonial slaves, musicians, dancers and all kinds of visitors. All this creates an atmosphere that transport us centuries ago in Cuban history. 

Is Cuban food boring?

Rice and beans, Cuban traditional meal

Many people think that Cuban food is boring, it's always rice and beans and roast pork. Some visitors to the island have complaints about it in Cuban food restaurants, especially when they attend a single place for several days.

Colón Cemetery, a must in Havana

Colon Cemetery, Havana, Cuba

This cemetery is the resting place of the main families of Havana and is a sculptural monument to loved ones resting there since the late nineteenth century. It stands out for the beauty and richness of the sculptures that adorn the tombs, which make this place an attraction of unique architectural beauty.

The electricity in Cuba

Cuban electrical system

In Cuba, the electrical system used is the U.S., ie flat blade 110V 60Hz, but it has become imperative to also have the European standard 220V 50Hz round shank.